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  褐色の盾横たわり四方八方から花束  夏石番矢


The Network of Intellectuals and Artists in Defense of Humanity endorses a worldwide clamor of the people who long for a fast and full recovery of President Hugo Chavez Frías. The Network specially embraces the revolutionary people of Venezuela and expresses its heartfelt sympathy with a profound confidence that President Chavez will overcome all difficulties and soon resume his daily tasks to lead the Bolivarian Revolution towards socialism.

The Network of Intellectuals and Artists in Defense of Humanity considers a historical duty of supreme importance to reiterate the call of President Hugo Chavez to Unity. The difficult times are always great opportunity for strengthening the best convictions and the highest values of the human condition. The Bolivarian Revolution and its sovereign and determine path to Socialism requires from all the supporters the strength, serenity and clarity to combat and neutralize any offensive actions that can be caress by the empire and its allies and domestic operators. Peoples' concerns are not signs of weakness; unity is one of the major strengths of the human species.

All men and women in the world have been twinned with the ideas and actions of the work and humanistic convictions of President Chavez, we want to see you soon, fully recover and healthy so you continue on leading this struggle, each time more firm and strong for the definite and the universal emancipation of the people. With this conviction we extend a solidarity and fraternal embrace to our friend and President Hugo Chavez from the Network of Intellectuals and Artists in Defense of Humanity.

We will appreciate your help by circulating this text. Please add your name, profession and country. Email to: / /

Juan Gelman, poet, Cervantes Prize (Argentina)

Gustavo Pereira, poet, Victor Valera Mora Prize (Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela)

Bernard Nöel, poet (France)

Antonio Preciado, poet (Ecuador)

Roberto Fernández Retamar, poet (Cuba)

Thiago de Mello, poet (Brazil)

Lello Voce, poet (Italy)

Juan Cameron, poet (Chile)

Lepoldo Teuco Castilla, poet (Argentina)

Osvaldo Sauma, poet (Costa Rica)

Stella Calloni, journalist (Argentina)

Alex Pausides, poet (Cuba)

Abdulhadi Sadoun, poet (Iraq)

William Osuna, poet (Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela)

Hildebrando Pérez Grande, poet (Perú)

Fernando Rendón, poet (Colombia)

Natalia Toledo, poet (Mexico)

Victor Casaus, poet (Cuba)

Carlo Bordini, poet (Italia)

Gabriel Jaime Franco, poet (Colombia)

Oscar Saavedra, poet (Chile)

Marxcos Reyes Dávila, poet (Puerto Rico)

Freddy Chicangana, poet (Colombia)

Jairo Guzmán, poet (Colombia)

Carlos Eduardo Jaramillo, poet (Ecuador)

Rigoberto Paredes, poet (Honduras)

Marvin García, poet (Guatemala)

Arturo Corcuera, poet (Peru)

Hildebrando Pérez Grande, poet (Peru)

Omar Lara, poet (Chile)

Winston Orrillo, poet (Peru)

Rosina Valcárcel, poet (Peru)

Maruja Vieira, poet (Colombia)

Reynaldo Naranjo, poet (Peru)

Norberto Salinas, poet (Colombia)

Chiara Varese, filmmaker (Peru)

Federico García, filmmaker (Peru)

Norbetrto Codina, poet (Cuba)

Pilar Roca filmmaker (Peru)

Etna Velarde, painter filmmaker (Peru)

Gonzalo Fragui (Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela)

Bruno Portuguez, painter (Peru)

Armando Orozco, poet (Colombia)

Ángel Pizarro, poet (Chile)

Jorge Palma, poet (Uruguay)

Freddy Ñáñez, poet (Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela)

Zurely López Amaya, poet (Cuba)

Ricardo Cuéllar, poet (Colombia)

Eduardo Gómez, poet (Colombia)

Paulina Vinderman, poet (Argentina)

Jorge Ariel Madrazo, poet (Argentina)

Libeslay Bermúdez, poet (Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela)

Argemiro Menco, poet (Colombia)

Sergio Román, poet (Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela)

Gloria Chvatal, painter (Colombia)

Juano Villafañe, poet (Argentina)

Nechi Dorado, poet (Argentina)

Rodrigo Verdugo Pizarro, poet (Chile)

Edgar Alfaro, poet (El Salvador)

Elizabeth Neira, poet and visual artist (Chile)

Fabricio Estrada, poet and visual artist (Honduras)

Pablo Benítez, poet (El Salvador)

Rafael Quiroz, painter (Colombia)

Natasha Santiago, poet (Cuba)

Eddy Rafael Pérez, poet (República Bolivariana de Venezuela)

María Isabel García Mayorcas, poet (Colombia)

Francisco Amin Mosquera, poet (Colombia)

Armando Guerra Tovar, poet (Colombia)

Alejandro Gómez Monzón, poet (Argentina)

Galel Cárdenas, writer (Honduras)

Manuel Pachón, poet (Colombia)

Juana Abas, painter (Cuba)

José L. Fariñas, painter (Cuba)

Flora Fernández, poet (Costa Rica)

Lucila Lema, poet (Ecuador)

Reynaldo Lacámara, poet (Argentina)

Celedonio Orjuela, poet (Colombia)


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