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Vladimir Devide Haiku Awards 2011

Judge: Drago Štambuk

Grand Prize

late autumn sun
the field too small to hold
my shadow

Jim Kacian, USA

Runners up

digging up my cat
to bury her

Daniel Gahnertz, Sweden

spring bud
the mother's womb
soon to open

Ernesto P. Santiago, Greece

a ray of sunshine
on its way to darkness -
mole's fur

Nada Jačmenica, Croatia

autumn twilight -
a bit of stone flakes off
& becomes a moth

Timothy Russell, USA

A distant meadow
Hallowed ground of the vanquished
Vultures fill their crops

Jesse Willett, USA

hot tea-pot
on the garden table -
camelias in haze

Tomislav Maretić, Croatia

flowering cherry
in my orchard of one tree
my Yoshino

Willy Cuvelier, Belgium

The Day of the Dead
is celebrated every day –
Ciudad Juarez

Jack Galmitz, USA


president's face –
on the yellowed envelope
one-cent stamp

Krzysztof Kokot, Poland

broken flower-pot
the wounded orchid
goes on blooming

Smiljka Bilankov, Croatia

a bird on the meadow
dies with its song

Malvina Mileta, Croatia

Snow falling -
a gentle blanket
covers Japan's victims

Kate Prendergast, Australia

weeping willow
each branch weeping
in its own way

Nada Zidar-Bogadi, Croatia

funeral cortege
wedding procession

Tanja Cilia, Malta

late autumn
fountain spurts are meeting
the first snowflakes

Željko Funda, Croatia

airport carousel
a butterfly arrived
riding a suitcase

William Hart, USA

after the wedding
white butterfly clinging
to the ivy

Anthony Kudryavitsky, Ireland

I put down the axe
A turtledove is cooing
from a barren fig tree

Borivoje Sekulić, Serbia


Founder & Selector: Drago Štambuk, Croatia

Number of Entries: 166, from 29 countries (the highest from Croatia: 57; 35%)

Organizer: IAFOR, LibrAsia (1st Conference on Asian Literature), Osaka, Japan, May 28, 2011.

Vladimir Devide Haiku Award is for haiku regardless of being traditional or modern; it transcends haiku divisions and is based only on literary merit.

Annoncement of the Awards and reading of the winning haiku by Dr Drago Štambuk at Librasia, May 28, 2011.


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